Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i really did want a boy

dear parker,

today marks your first shopping adventure. you and i traveled 5 minutes down the road to bed, bath, and beyond to buy a bridal shower gift. daddy was working in the emergency room so i couldn't just leave you sleeping in your swing at home, but i thought a quick trip to pinnacle would be fine. what do you know--right after i bragged about what an angel you've been in public, you let me know you're still human (and don't like shopping) and cried a little in the store.

it turns out you were just hungry. i even fed you right before we left, but apparently you are an eating machine. luckily after you sucked on my finger for 10 seconds you feel asleep in the store and we were able to drive home without making a scene. phew.

i am a little nervous about taking you to the bridal shower tonight. if you start crying again, i'll know that you are boycotting all things girly (hey at least i am not putting you in the now useless rhinestone daisy headband i bought when i thought you were a sophia). but since i am in an emasculating mood, here is a picture of you taking a bath (cry in public = an embarrassing picture posted of you on my blog :)).

i had other things to write about, but you and i zonked out for 2 hours after our mini adventure and i have to get the house looking decent before our friends bring over dinner. love you tons.




Kim said...

sounds like your outing wasn't too bad with Parker! I hope the shower goes smoothly!

Katie said...

Oh, this made me laugh so hard. I feel your pain, friend! And the cry always seems louder to you than to anyone else. I've run out of stores before just because Caleb makes a tiny peep!

Do you have a Baby Bjorn or a sling? That's how we roll and it guarantees a fuss-free outing every time!! (Of course, if Parks was hungry, that wouldn't have helped ... :))