Wednesday, April 1, 2009

turn my head to the east...

yes, baby, mom has been listening to some rap music as of late. don't worry--we dance every night to the clean version of "on a boat," so i'm not infiltrating your mind with horrible things :). j/k, well kind of, but your baby einstein classical lullabies cd is packed in our hospital bag and ready for use right after you are born.

looks like you're not coming today. grandma betty made me deal that if you stay in there until next thursday and they have to induce, she will buy me a special present of my choice so i will have something to look forward to. thanks grandma! :)

tomorrow is daddy's birthday! i think i am more excited than he is, even though we don't have anything big planned. coldstone is making 6 customized icecream cupcakes with his favorite flavors (which i secretly am pretty anxious to try) and we're going out to lunch since dad has class at night. i'm throwing in a gift certificate to boi de ouro so dad, grandpa kehrli and uncle paul (ahhh those titles sound so old) can have a boys night of unlimited brazilian meat over easter weekend when they visit. it's a little weird buying dad a present with his own money, but hopefully he will appreciate the thought.

your dad is an incredible person. i love him with all of my heart and can't imagine life without him. i've never met anyone who doesn't like him (well except on the basketball court, which could be a lot of people these days since dad plays monday in a rogers rec league, tuesday at village on the creeks a.c. w/ deloitte touche if he gets out of class early, wednesday with the boys and girls club directors, thursday in a church league again pending class, and saturday morning at village on the creeks with small group friends). i wish everyone had a chance to be friends with daddy because he is without a doubt my fav. person in the world.

it's kinda funny that i wasn't even friends with james until my last semester at jbu. sometimes we say we knew each other for 3 years before we started dating (which is technically true), but we really didn't say much more than hi before january of 2006. i'd like to think we had secret crushes on each other up until that point, but i don't think the thought of dating had ever crossed either of our minds. it's probably better that our paths didn't meet earlier or else i don't think we would've ever given anything a chance (my dear husband had earrings, eek!)

learning about my husband's life at jbu is fascinating to me, mainly because we were there at the same time and knew all of the same people without ever knowing each other. heck, he even went on dates with some of my friends and i had no idea. like most nice guys at jbu, james got asked out by a lot of girls, but i was never jealous because i never knew or paid attention (he was never jealous of my relationships, either, probably because he didn't keep up with my love life or lack thereof). my husband's personality is so playful, friendly and welcoming that he attracted a wide variety of girls. his stories never cease to make me laugh, with the comfort of knowing that i was the only girl at jbu he ever kissed.

i am so thankful that i finally got to know james. i love when we spend time with my girlfriends who didn't know james very well at school and they tell me how they never knew that james was so funny, entertaining, happy, servant-hearted, etc. he is truly the best.

oh and my husband got a couple new compliments a few weeks ago when he was interviewing with a local fire chief. "articulate and well-dressed." really, my husband? that's right. jewels, i thought you'd like that one :).

okay enough bragging on my husband--i'll save the rest for his birthday card. but here is his handsome picture from last month's modern bride...

baby, come soon!! i am going crazy waiting. love.


Amy said...

Happy birthday, James!

If your rainforest crib thing works half as well on your child as Owen's rainforest crib thing does on him, that will be $12 well-spent. (Not sure if that sentence makes sense, but you get the idea.) :)

I can't wait to read all about your baby once s/he gets here!

Kim said...

Give my happy birthday wishes to James! I hope you all have a great time celebrating! Coldstone cupcakes sound yummy!

Kim said...

okay just looked up the cupcakes online. sooooo yummy.