Monday, April 20, 2009

on meeting your husband on xanga & the office

i've said it before, but james and i have no clue when or where we met. we knew of each other for 3 years before we started dating, but never really talked...EXCEPT...through random xanga comments. technically we didn't meet on xanga, but did it facilitate interaction? sure. i think aim helped a litte, too. we are nerds.

today i decided to go back and read parts of my old site (oh xanga how i love you--we had some good times in college). this made me laugh, a lot. little did either of us have any idea that we would marry each other 3 years later.

July 7, 2005 (when I was living in Kansas for the summer and James was in Ecuador):

Top 5 Places I Do Not Want To Meet My Future Husband:
5. airport. some guy from california definitely asked for my number during my terrible 6 hour stint in the denver airport. who does that?
4. demolation derby. trust me, it's just a bad idea.
3. Elimidate (or the afterparty--Lisa! ).
2. got a message titled "silvylicious" last week. are you kidding me?!?
1. bar. in the words of a dear friend, "any guy who buys you a long island ice tea is trouble."
(honorable mention: chapel. boys should go to chapel to worship God, not meet girls.)

"HAHA, that post was halarious. I guess I gotta re-think why I go to chapel, nah just playin. My summer is goin pretty well, nice and chilled out right now. Sounds and looks like you are having a blast, but still entirely too much time on your hands to make your Xanga look this nice, I like it. I am pretty bummed out about not being able to play flag football next year. I am stoked that I don't have to ref it though. But I will miss seeing you run over all those little girls that have no clue what they are doing...hahaha, good times. Take it easy"
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can't you see the love brewing in james' comment? riiight.

in other news, we got about 5 emails today to say that our wedding pictures were used in a video clip for the office. i don't really watch the show, but it's still kinda cool. check it out (our pictures start about 30 seconds into the clip):



Amy said...

So, I don't get it. How do your wedding photos keep getting picked up by people?

Erin said...

I remember that post. :)

Emily said...

I saw your guys' picture on a RANDOM website and it said "how to find true love" how cute:)

sarah beth hawk said...

i love it. ryan and i fell in love via texting (when my mouth was wired shut). i still have most of the texts on an old sim card.

Q. and La. said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE old emails! I do. I also love reading my journal where I write, "Handsome is going to make such a great husband for some girl one day." Ha, um, didn't realize it was gonna be me though...

Darren Pike said...

Shoulda told me and I woulda put Andys song into your wedding video. That is halarious that they used some of your wedding pictures.