Monday, April 27, 2009

i dropped out of high school and now i have to dance like a monkey...aloha!


hello! you are such a great little sleeper. thanks for giving me free time from 11am-2pm every day to get things done around the house. we had a lovely weekend together. friday you turned 3 weeks! our friens brought over dinner from the bentonville butcher--delicious! love their brisket!! you went through a mini growth spurt, demanding more food than ever before. we were forced to give you formula because you were starving and mom had nothing left to offer :(. luckily you were satisfied after 2 ounces and mom's breastfeeding efforts were not sabotaged as you went back to exclusively nursing on saturday. phew!

dad attended the emt academy saturday and spent time at a few fires and in the e.r. you should be proud of him--he brought a woman back to life by doing cpr chest compressions, cracked ribs and all!

we also went to two bbqs (see picture above) and mom pumped a lot of milk. now we have "emergency milk" in the freezer in preparation for your next growth spurt and always take a bottle with us whenever we go to friends' homes just in case you get hungry. slowly but surely we are figuring this parenting thing out.

mom went to target on sunday, got sucked into the swimsuit section and had the genius idea to try some on (hey she's lost 25 pounds already). note to mom: if your chest did not fit in bikinis before you had a baby, it sure as heck is not going to fit now that you are breastfeeding. why you keeping trying on the same kind of swimsuits thinking that this time they will fit is crazy. instead she came home with ingredients to make a chocolate caramel pecan cheesecake (thank you jenna for the recipe!) further delaying any future swimsuit shopping.

we continue to go on walks every day and dad is benching more and more at the gym. life is good. until tomorrow, muah! muah! muah!


p.s. props to jasmine for noticing how long your fingers are. although you can't tell in most of the pictures, the most common comment we get about you IRL is how long your fingers (and toes) are. dad is really excited that you will be able to palm a basketball. watch out lebron! love!


Anonymous said...

Haha! Thanks for the mention!
I am weird about hands- I stare at people's hands, so it was only a matter of time that I would notice.

I am so glad the weight is melting off for you. It didn't for me... even though I did step aerobics and breastfed! Hopefully with the next baby it will be different!

Kim said...

25 lbs! That's great Silvy! Glad to hear that's you've got a stockpile building up...I bet pacing your self could be difficult.