Tuesday, March 31, 2009


there are a million random things on my mind i want to write about, but i can't pick just one so this entry is likely to be a scatterbrained mix of all. maybe a list will help it be a little more organized...

1. no signs of labor. i felt more contractions yesterday before the doctor's appointment than i have since. oh well.

2. the doctor wants to induce next thursday because "health risks increase when the baby is more than 10 days overdue." i have precisely 8 days to get labor to start naturally or else the inevitable will likely happen.

3. looks like i'll be doing lots of walking and having sex this week (i say having sex instead of making love because let's face it--my primary motivation for the act is to induce labor).

4. i'm losing confidence that having sex does anything to induce labor even though everyone swears by it (and there is scientific evidence that certain chemicals thin the cervix, blah blah). we had sex 5 times last week and it did nothing. maybe other people have crazier orgasms or something.

5. i think it's interesting how some bloggers are so guarded/proper and always avoid talking about things like sex, weight, home-based businesses, welfare, etc. and others share more information than they probably should. i'm not sure where i fall on the continuum--probably share more information than i should, but that's me.

6. speaking of topics i probably shouldn't write about i.e. annoyances with friends, "friend a" left me a chipper message this morning (when she knew i was at work) asking me if i could please give her a call at my earliest convenience like my lunch break or before 5 or 6 at the latest. seriously? you'd think she was the one about to go into labor! maybe if friend a read my blog (i know i've sent her the link at least twice), she might ask me about my life for once instead of trying to sell me mary kay.

7. i am psyching myself up for our conversation after work (i called her over my lunch break to be nice and luckily she was in a meeting with another girl). i need to just nicely tell her i do not want anything to do with mary kay before i become even more riled up and go off.

8. i love my husband, a lot. it's nice to have someone i can share everything with and always have him on my side (well maybe 95% of the time).

9. we have a fire radio in our house in case james is dispatched to any emergencies in bentonville. during the evenings we turn it on "all stations" to listen and learn about the variety of happenings in town, but always put it on "emergency only" when we are sleeping.

10. last night the emergency sound went off at 3am and nearly scared both of us to death. it was the loudest noise EVER and i thought our house was on fire. james got up, brushed his teeth and prepared to jump in his car to help when the firemen came over the speaker and said the lady who called was crazy. there was neither an explosion nor any sign of fire.

11. we now have a front license plate on the pathfinder that says "bentonville fire and rescue." somehow my husband convinced me that firemen "cannot drive corollas," so we are trading cars and he gets the pathfinder. i don't really care, though, because making a marriage work is all about learning which battles to fight.

12. i asked my mom if she read one of my entries the other day and she said she skimmed it and looked at the pictures. sad day when you realize your posts are too long and boring for even your mom to read them :).

13. i really love the name sophia, even though it will likely breed a pretentious, snobby little girl. the origin of the word is greek meaning "wisdom," and i'm sure this will go to her head. you can't say sophia without sticking your nose up in the last syllable, but it is beautiful none the less. i love that it has the versatility of changing to the more casual "sophie" when desired, making it the perfect name choice.

14. come out baby!!! that's all. love.


Kim said...

oh man, I laughed out loud so many times during this blog! It was a great one! I think its great to be open about stuff, nick's always getting on to me for talking about "gross" stuff in front of people...but I come from a doctor's family so everything's out on the table!

Come baby come!!!

Nicki said...

I love your blogs no matter how long or how short they might be they are usually both amusing and insightful.
I think whether you name your baby Sophie or Sophia (assuming its a girl) both are lovely names and I don't think someone being a snob has to do with their name but how they are raised if you were to spoil baby and make her think she is better then everyone else then you might get a snob but if you raise her to respect others and to be grateful for things then you will have a lovely little girl again assuming you have a girl and not a boy. So pick the name that is right in your heart and don't worry about anything else.

Have you tried "nesting" cleaning maybe that will get you to go into labor.

Miller Family said...

I was ten days overdue with both my kids. I started labor naturally with Caden one the tenth day. They were going to induce me that night. With Aliyah I was induced on the 10th day with them breaking my water. So good luck! I hope it all starts naturally!