Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Morning Routine Survey :)

Katie made a Morning Routine Survey of all of her Fav Beauty Products and I am passing it on...

1. What shampoo do you use? Aveda Rosemary Mint. When I lived in Denver, I got a massage at the Aveda school downtown and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I have been hooked on the calming smell of Rosemary Mint since. After I get my hair highlighted, though, I usually use TIGI BedHead Dumb Blonde shampoo for a couple of weeks to help out the color.
2. Conditioner? again, Aveda Rosemary Mint. love it.
3. Body Wash? Usually Midnight Pomegranate or Aromatherapy Sensuality (Jasmine Vanilla) from B&B Works. If James is out of town I occasionally use his Old Spice body wash to remind me of him. In our guest bathroom, we have all B&B Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief products (Eucalyptus Mint). It is really important to me that guests at our home are relaxed and enjoy using our shower.
4. Face Wash? Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser, but only because someone accidentally left it at my house months ago and I can't figure out whose it is.
5. Lotion? Right now, any kind of body butter that helps prevent stretch marks. I am determined not to get them with the baby so I apply cocoa body butter almost every day.
6. Face lotion? Clean & Clear Duel Action Moisturizer (the purple lid). This is my favorite product of all time! (like 7 years). I've tried tons of other moisturizers and none of them work with my face like this gift from above.
7. Styling Products? Um, none. I gave all of my styling products to my husband because he uses them more than me. If I even blow dry my hair it's a big day (literally, I can count on one hand the number of times I've used a blow dryer in our 10 months of marriage. I do use my Chi almost every day, though, so I guess that makes up for it).
8. Make-up? Bare Esentuals from Sephora. I am not a big make up person, so most days I just use these minerals and a little mascara and lipgloss (I LOVE LIPGLOSS). If I'm trying really hard, I'll put on eyeliner and eyeshadow, but that happens less than once a week.
9. Perfume? (less than once a month) Juicy by Jessica Simpson or Very Sexy by VS.
10. Jewelry? Most days just my engagement and wedding ring (they're soddered together). If I remember to put on earrings, I'll throw on something big and blingy (thank you Lisa).

My husband told me that I'm becoming less girly over the years, but really I just think he and others had a misconception that I am super girly/high maitenance because of who I hung out with in college. While I do think it's important to look professional at work, I am completely content with not wearing any makeup or doing my hair most days. A majority of women look better without much makeup anyway, and if you go workout right after work, there's not much point in spending tons of time trying to make yourself up in the morning.

Time to address and send "We've Moved" postcards. Checking more things off the to do list! love yall.

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Erin said...

So most days I also just throw on some Bare Escentuals and some mascara and head out. The other day I actually took my time getting ready in the morning and when I got to my office, my office-mate looks at me and says slightly shocked "Are you wearing make-up? What's the special occasion??"

I see these stylish women with designer clothes and perfect hair who look like and who knows maybe are movie stars ALL THE TIME (I live in Santa Barbara). Sometimes it makes me feel bad for not trying harder to look my best, but I work pretty hard on other things too, so I think it's OK.

Maybe someday when I'm a rich and famous economist, I'll have a personal stylist to do my hair and makeup every morning while I read the newspaper and give phone interviews to CNN. Until then, I guess the hairdryer and eyeliner will be reserved for the weekends.