Wednesday, March 25, 2009

still kickin'

no sign of the baby yet, although my lower back has been hurting/cramping the past two evenings. the doctor says early labor starts with pain in your lower back and abdomen, so i'm kinda freaking myself out by thinking that this might be the beginning of labor, but it's probably just premature pain that i need to suck up.

in other news, my bracket weathered the weekend madness pretty well and is still in the 99.9 percentile, but everything depends on ku's next few games. we're having a basketball watch party at our house the next two nights, good times! breastfeeding class somehow moved to the backburner and is now scheduled for monday.

most exciting of all, though--i present to you my gorgeous husband! if you happen to have any fire emergencies in the bentonville area (emily ;)), this just might be what shows up on your door:

love yall!!


Kim said...

Super congrats! That is so exciting about James! Mr. fireman! We'd love to hang out with you all! I'll talk to Nick and give you a ring-a-ling.

Katie said...

Yay for James!! I can't wait to read about Baby Kehrli when he/she gets here! You're doing great Silvy. It's almost time ... :) Oh, and I love your sweet letter and I LOVE your name for a girl!

Amy said...

So, one week before I delivered Owen, on a Monday (Dec. 1), my lower back and abdomen had piercing pain. It lasted for a night. Then it happened again the following Saturday night. Then I went into labor Sunday night and had him on Monday, Dec. 8.

I never felt a true-blue contraction. Not even Braxton-Hicks.

Baby Kehrli really could be right around the corner!

Jenn Eastman said...

yay james! i'm so proud of him!! :) he'll be a great firefighter!

Kim said...

just looking at your blog again today...1 day to go on your baby countdown!

Erin said...

James is cute as a firefighter.

Wow. I can't believe that the baby will be here any day now!

Emily said...

hahaha atleast it would be nice to see a friendly face in the mix but I could do without see his friendly face or any other fireman face, hehe :)