Tuesday, March 10, 2009

shower fun

a few pics from sunday...

my friend noemi made these little egg nests with chocolate, peanut butter and sour jelly beans on top. they were delicious and so cute for a shower!

ultimate vanilla layer cake with raspberry buttercream frosting, as featured in this month's southern living. BEST CAKE EVER!!

the camp war eagle wives. love these ladies.

i bought these headbands for hostess gifts. how ADORABLE is baby rachel?? you can't really see it, but there are huge rhinestones in the middle of the daisies. i saved one for myself just in case we have a girl (for the first time i got really excited about having a girl just so i can put ridiculous looking headbands on her).

the new car seat! the actual color is even prettier than the internet picture on the graco website. so excited to use it!

that's enough for now. we have visitors coming tonight for the rest of the week so i probably should clean the house. love yall!


Kim said...

I think that you will really love dressing up baby kehrli if it ;) is a girl! Glad you got your car seat!

melissa said...

hey silvy! congrats! you are a pretty pregnant lady! i just figured out how to write on peoples blogs (how lame is that!)

Jenn Eastman said...

that cake looks amazing! i want to make it! and the headbands are so cute!