Wednesday, March 18, 2009

on guns

we had a wonderful time with the gowans last week. laura posted pictures on her site, but this one is especially interesting (apparently i was at work when this picture was taken):

let it be known that I HATE GUNS. i am not comfortable at all with this picture or the fact that my husband owns 3 guns that are not locked up in a safe (yet) in our house. the worst part--my father gave james all of these guns for christmas. i think the one in this pic is a semi auto 12 gauge (whatever the heck that is). we also have a "quigley rifle" (like from quigley down under). if you or anyone you know would like the 12 gauge or 45-70, i would be more than happy to give them to you if you come over to our house and pick them up so i do not have to touch them. love.


James said...

James' thoughts:

You can give my guns away if and only if you do all of the following!
1. Stop drinking Dr. Pepper
2. Sell 50% of your clothes/shoes that clutter up our closet. (shoes alone, you have more than 60 pairs)
3. Watch a movie with me every night...
4. Stop watching Oprah
5. Sex at least 4 times a week... minimum.

then and only then, can you give away my guns. And I get to pick who they go to. deal?

johnny a said...

Several months ago I went to a call in a nicer neighborhood (not too far from yours) where a woman was home alone with her baby. A man had broken into her home and she could hear him over her baby monitor talking to her baby, telling him "Shhh, it will be ok".

Her husband was working that night and was not home. The woman felt that she had no way to defend herself, and hid in her room waitingfor us to arrive, not knowing if her baby had been hurt or taken.

Thankfully, the baby was safe when wegot there. I don't mean this story as a horror story, but as food for thought.
Can bad things happen with guns? Yes. Are they the only possible way to defend your family? No. I know that once my child is born, if someone breaks into my house and all I have available is a dirty spoon, then it's going to be game on with the spoon.

That being said, with proper safety and education, a gun can be a greattool to have available. Wendy was originally opposed toguns, butbeing married to a cop, she had to accept the reality of having guns around. Now, after she has learned about the guns and safety she is accepting of guns in the house. Jonas too will be taught about safety early on, and antytime he wants to see daddys guns, I willshow him. I want to takethe mystery out of them so there will be no trying to break/sneak into where the guns are kept out of curiosity.

I have taught Wendy how to use all of my guns just in case she ever has to, and plan on eventually buying one thats hers. I would encourage you to learn to use James' guns and that both of you take a gun safety course together. I hope that you will never have to experience a situationwhere you would want/need one. But I also would want your familty to be prepared, especially since James will be working paramedic hours.

Just my 2 cents. Sorry so long.

Nicki said...

I can understand your fear about guns because we are usually afraid or don't like what we don't know. I agree with the one post on taking a safety course, I definetly think the guns should be put away in a safe spot. I'm also guessing that James will do everything in his power to protect both you and your new baby and would never do anything that would cause harm to either of you. If there was ever any doubt there, I don't think you would have married him.
I think James list is hillarious, Lucas would definetly agree with #4he hates it when I talk about who was on Oprah.

I am sure you will both work something out and everyone will be safe and hopefully the only reason to ever use the guns will be for hunting game.