Friday, March 27, 2009

more march madness

EDIT: what a sad day. i am officially depressed :(.

let's go jayhawks! 36-29 at half, not bad.

i am ashamed to say that i cheered for missouri last night (and when they hit the half court shot at halftime even screamed for them). in arkansas mizzou is not quite the devil they are in lawrence. actually quite the opposite since mu coach mike anderson used to be the assistant at arkansas and everyone loves his "give them 40 minutes of hell" agressive playing style. it definitely worked last night v. memphis, but i still think they are a dirty team (see taking tiller out at the end of the marquette game because of an "injury," having another player shoot his free throws, and his miraculous healing that allowed him sub back in on the next play).

all i can think of when i see mike anderson is forest whitaker in the shield. since i don't like his character on the show (kavanaugh), it is only natural not to like mike anderson. james thinks i am crazy for making the comparison, but i'll let you make your own decision:

no news on the baby homefront, other than i have been feeling more and more like i do not want to induce. i am a firm believer that a majority of the time a baby comes naturally when it is ready. reasons like convenience (for parents, doctors, family, etc), baby's estimated large size (especially if the mom does not have gest. diabetes), the uncomfortableness of being pregnant, etc. cannot compare to the benefits of naturally going into labor IMHO. hold me to this in two weeks when our baby is still not here :). LOVE!!


Mrs. Hibit said...

Better luck next year!
And while I am anxiously waiting to read that baby Kehrli has arrived, I am all too skeptical thanks to James' little prank!

Kim said...

Nick and I watched the end of the Kansas game and I was thinking about you! I was sad too, because I had them winning on my bracket. oh well...

Nicki said...

I'm not sure how your weather is there but here is it sad and depressing, cold, gray, icy and snowing pretty fitting after last nights game. Carl was so upset last night but he still has basketball spirit and looks forward to watching more games and throwing confetti.

Forrest Whitaker and Mike Anderson guy do look alike but I couldn't say if they are simmilar in actions I haven't seen that show before. I think most Kansas fans are probably ashamed they rooted for MU especially when the reverse probably didn't happen.

I guess the name Kansas will have to be saved for another baby for you guys :)

Rebecca said...

If you don't like Forest Whitaker, then don't watch The Last King of Scotland - he's the bad guy. It's a good movie, but he kind of freaks me out after watching it.

I was sad that KU lost, but honestly am so surprised they made it this far, eventhough they've improved a lot over the season. I'm still living off of our championship last year so for some reason them losing didn't bother me like it usually would. :)

Can't wait for your little one to come!

Erin said...

I was very upset last night as well! I was so hopeful at halftime too!

I agree with Rebecca: Forest Witaker as Idi Amin was just about as creepy as it gets! It's a great movie though ! Cameron even liked it even though he hates violent movies.

On a side note, this house buying business is driving me crazy!!!

julie said...


I LOVE FORREST WHITAKER!!! He might be one of the greatest actors and movie-makers EVER!!

I know I need to update my blog. I just hate writing on it. I love reading others, so I will try to update it soon, just for you.

I keep checking your blog to see if the little runt has popped out yet. And I need your address again, my flatmate threw it out.

I miss you guys heaps!

love from aotearoa,

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