Monday, March 23, 2009

39 weeks

166.5 lbs (+1.5lb this week)
1 cm. dilated
50% effaced
-2 station

dear baby kehrli,

i guess you listened to me when i asked you to stay in there a while longer since all of your measurements show that you are farther away from labor than you were last week! oh man. i even walked 2-3 miles every day this week and had more sex, to no avail. the doc. asked today if we've thought about an induction date if you don't come in the next two weeks. i really would like to go into labor naturally, but if is safer to induce the week of april 6th (after 41 weeks), i'll do what the doctor recommends. daddy still would like you to try really hard to arrive on his birthday, april 2, so please keep that in mind.

we still haven't finalized your name, but we're leaning towards sophia rose kehrli if you are a girl. kansas was fun for a while, but dad and i are kind of sick of it unless ku wins the national championship, in which case you will be kansas for sure! parker james kehrli is still winning on the boy side, although blaze is still my fav., but i've given up hope of convincing dad.

i am happy you are going to be a spring baby. the extra sunlight and warmth lifts my spirits so much. you will be one of the youngest kids in your class, but i am selfishly glad that we will be able to go outside every day in the coming months. during the pregnancy, it was a blessing to experience elevated body temperature in the coldest months of the year, which was one of the main reasons i did not have much swelling. i can't imagine how uncomfortable being 9 months pregnant in august would be. hopefully all of your brothers and sisters will be spring babies as well.

dad and i had a relaxing weekend together and watched way too much college basketball. we did wash and vacuum the cars, install the car seats, and set the crib up in your room, so that counts for something. also our pantry now looks like y2k is happening again, but hopefully the abundance of food will make life easier after you arrive. love you tons!!



Liz Herron said...

Silvy! Wish you all the best with labor and delivery. I hope you have a great experience.

kristina said...

wow, can i just say that you look amazing!! i hope that when i am as far along as you, i can look half as good as you! way to be a beautiful pregnant woman!

Kim said...

your baby is going the wrong direction! Down baby Down! I hope you go into natural labor too, but seems like a lot of people are having to induce now so I'm sure that will be fine too!

Erin said...
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Erin said...

Aww. I think sophia is really cute, although I am rooting for another Kansas win! Was Sophia your spanish name in Junior High? Or am I just crazy?

Anonymous said...

I love the name Sophia. And therefore it should be the name ;)

Just kidding... kind of.

I think that Sophia is so elegant and can translate to the older years well without sounding strange.

sarah beth hawk said...

silvy! you are so cute in your jersey! love it! i hope you are continuing to feel well. i am super impressed with your attitude and exercise, hopefully i can be like you when/if i am ever pregnant.