Tuesday, March 17, 2009

38 weeks

165 lbs (eek! +3lb this week, +37lb total. apparently week 36 was not my peak)
1 cm. dilated
70% effaced
0 station (baby's head is fully locked in!)

dear baby kehrli,

hello! you are growing bigger and bigger. dr. hannah said you are already well over 7 lbs. hopefully you will stay under 10 lbs (hannah said most babies that size are a result of gestational diabetes, and thankfully mom does not have that). i also hope that you stay in my tummy at least 2 more weeks because hannah will be on vacation next week and daddy is trying to get all of his ER clinical hours in before you arrive. aunt abbey works many nights next week as well, so let's work together and cook a lil' longer, deal?

man i have no idea how much life is going to change when you arrive. i'm sure the first few weeks are going to be crazy, but we are so looking forward to them. dad and i are both taking 3 months off of work to hangout with you and support each other. you have an awesome dad in case no one has told you yet. we plan to take walks every day (i am sooo happy the weather is warming up!) and go to the neighborhood pool as much as possible.

you are going to have many visitors when you arrive. april weekends are already filling up and i hope we have plenty of time to bond with you by ourselves for a little while, too. setting up your bookshelf made me so excited to read you stories every day. i am praying that breastfeeding goes as smoothly as possible because i am going to do everything in my power to make it work. ahhh you will be here so soon! time to do a little laundry before you arrive.

love you!!!!

thanks to many awesome relatives, your bookshelf is ready to go...
your closet might have more clothes than mine!
mom's favorite outfit:
dad's fav:can't wait to meet you!!


Emily said...

Yes, I agree the baby needs to wait a week until I am back in town :)

Kim said...

I can't believe the baby so close! Very exciting!

Anonymous said...

The thingy you put in the beginning of your post about your stats...when you say "locked in", my inner nerd came out and I giggled. It sounded like your were giving a launch sequence.

I've been reading for awhile.
Good luck with the birth. I am sure you will do awesome. You seem to be pretty organized and in control.

Good luck!

Kora and Mark said...

We've been thinking about you guys so much lately!!! Silvy, you look so adorable! Can't wait to hear how the adventure progresses...!