Saturday, March 21, 2009

perfect day

*hoku's "perfect day" track from legally blonde playing in the background*

if i could craft an ideal day, it would look much like yesterday. sunshine, 2 hour nap, lovely baby shower, 2 hours at the gym (including a walk around the village on the creeks lake with my husband), and hours of exciting college basketball! it helped that miraculously 15 of my 16 day 2 tourney picks squeezed out victories! the only error on my bracket yesterday was wake forest, which isn't lamentable because a good upset beats a correct bracket pick any day.

currently i have 290 points on espn and am ranked 540 in the nation (in the 99.9 percentile, which is essentially tied for third as the leader has 310 points and there are a mess of people at 300). sooooo exciting! i'd like to think my extensive knowledge of college basketball had something to do with it, but that is a total lie. i did, however, make a few educated guesses knowing 12 seeds often upset 5s and the fact that the big 12 (who is 6-0 right now) is underrated and would hopefully win all of its first round games. plus i just have to gloat a little before my pretty green bracket is destroyed today in the second round.

man last night was so fun. i screamed when hughes drove the ball down the lane and banked a layup to put wisconsin ahead with 2 seconds left in OT. *switch coverage* (thank you cbs for being awesome) sienna nails a 3 pointer with 3.9 seconds left to send the game into double OT and i scream again and continue to feel the adrenaline rush as sienna goes on to win the game. if you do not like college basketball, you are missing out on a big part of life.

btw, my husband's rank on espn? 3,694,988 in the nation (210 points). ha! :) love you baby.

perhaps my favorite part of the day, though, was as we were cuddling in bed last night, james looked at me and said, "i am so glad that you are my wife because i really love hanging out with you." i hope and pray that in 50 years we can still say the same thing, and i have confidence we will. people often ask what first attracted us to each other, and our honest answer (albeit not super romantic) was that we simply enjoyed spending time together. there isn't anyone i'd rather hangout with on a friday night, and for this i am thankful.

(i tried to find a pic of us a ku basketball game, but there are too many pics on my computer so instead here is one that makes me excited for spring/summer. i am so looking forward to playing golf again after my baby bump magically disappears and i can swing a club normally again)

happy saturday! love!


Erin said...

Silvy, that is so sweet!

kristina said...

love your perfect day! and it made me smile to hear your story about your husband. I often say that is what brought me and rhys together, the fact that we just loved hanging out! I have no dobut that in 50 years time you and james will still feel the same way!

cant wait for your little baby to come into the world! so excited!!