Tuesday, March 3, 2009

36 weeks

163 lbs (35 total gained, 0 this week)
1 cm. dilated!!!
50% effaced
-1 station (baby's head)

the appointment yesterday went as smoothly as possible. i am pretty excited about the 1 cm. dilation, although i know it means the baby could still be 4-5 weeks away. i'm also pretty excited about the other two measurements if for no other reason than they mean that my body is preparing for labor. doctor hannah told me not to be shocked if i go into labor any day, but to not expect anything for a few weeks. i am in no rush to deliver the baby. even though i am dying to hold and see it, i know that time will come soon and it is much easier to take care of the baby in my womb than in real life *drinks more skim milk.*

success #2 of the week: jayhawk victory! back in the top 10!!

semi-success #3: molly kind of won. i actually didn't get to see the 'after the rose' ceremony, but i read all about it. james had a basketball game at 8:30 last night, so we recorded the actual bachelor finale and did not see that the after the rose ceremony came on right afterwards. at 10:30pm when we finished the recording, we sat in silence for about 20 seconds after realized we missed the 2nd part. james was so shocked and disappointed that you would've thought the packers just threw an interception to lose the superbowl, but no, we merely forgot to record the show. i love that james was more upset about missing it than me. he's never watched a season of the bachelor before this one, but now he secretly loves it and texts all of his married guy friends each monday night to make bets about who will get kicked off that week. (that is what you get for hacking into my blog, baby :). oh yea, happy 10 month wedding anniversary, too).

ahh. tonight: watching part 2 of 'after the rose' and biggest loser with lisa and reading babyville by jane green. book review soon to follow... love yall.


Jenn Eastman said...

hey, i watched the season finale of the bachelor too, i thought it was pretty stupid.. too dramatic, i can't believe he just changed his mind like that!! but i'm glad that james likes it as much (or maybe more) than you :)

Katie said...

That's hilarious about the article!! I'm not surprised, though--I think that the Dad role can be an issue for a lot of new parents. I always swore I wouldn't be like that, but sometimes high-stress situations bring out the worst in us. Ugh. Thankfully, Josh is mellow (and thankfully Caleb inherited his personality!) and we were able to talk everything through.

YAY for being dilated!! I hope you carry to at least 37 weeks. Then I hope Baby Kehrli comes quickly! I started dilating at 35 weeks and Caleb was born at 37 weeks. This is so exciting, Silvy!! I'm giddy for you guys!!

Kim said...

Baby Kehrli is coming soon! How exciting! I didn't watch any of the Bachelor...but after hearing about all the drama on Monday I recorded the show on tuesday. Haven't watched it yet though!

The Biggest Loser ending?? I'm dieing!

Q. and La. said...

Wow, soon she will be here. I'm at 29 weeks and yikes! I'm so excited to meet my little girl!!!-La.